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Welcome to Prolife General Trading Company, your true medical partner. As the market dynamics are rapidly changing in this new era of progress, technology is also changing drastically and progressively. We at Prolife, strive to bring you the latest medical innovative solutions.

We Embrace Diversity and Innovation in Our Extensive Range of Medical Solutions, in Collaboration with Global Partners, Customized to Fulfill Your Specific Needs.

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We are proud to be: A Trusted provider of the latest advancements in healthcare technology in Kuwait

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Medical Equipment

Explore our range of cutting-edge medical equipment, carefully curated to meet the diverse needs of various medical specialties and drive innovation in patient care.

labaratory consumables

Laboratory Equipment

We strive to deliver the best-quality and innovative laboratory equipment to meet the diverse needs of laboratory scientists, researchers, and medical practitioners.


Molecular Diagnostics

Our experienced team of experts is on hand to support you in demonstrating the powerful potential of molecular diagnostics and drive innovation in healthcare.

in-vitro diagnostics

In-Vitro Diagnostics

As a leader in the industry, we offer advanced, reliable, and precise test kits based on the antibody-based ELISA detection assay for a wide range of applications.

laboratory reagent test

Laboratory Reagents/Tests

Our laboratory reagents and tests are designed to meet the rigorous standards of scientific research and diagnostic accuracy.

labaratory consumables

Laboratory Consumables

We provide reliable and high-quality medical and laboratory consumables in healthcare that enable healthcare professionals to deliver accurate diagnoses and treatments.

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We are committed to providing pioneering solutions that ultimately contribute to a healthier future.

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Prolife General Trading Company

At Prolife we seek changes, transformations and elevation in the health and well-being of our community on the individual and organizational level. We will host and implement innovative solutions that will elevate our community members towards a healthier life – Prolife!

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