Laboratory Consumables

Our medical and laboratory consumables are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, ensuring optimal patient care and reliable test results. With our products, you can trust in the safety, accuracy, and efficiency of your medical procedures and laboratory work.

The product range includes (but is not limited to):

Glassware: We offer a comprehensive range of glassware including funnels, slides, tubes, measuring cylinders, beaker mugs, Petri dishes, and more. Our glassware is manufactured with precision and durability, allowing for precise measurements and reliable laboratory experiments.

Plastic articles: Our plastic articles include pipette tips, tubes, serological pipettes, and other plastic consumables essential for various medical and laboratory procedures. These high-grade plastic articles are designed to be safe, reliable, and compatible with different equipment and instruments.

Articles made from cardboard: We also provide disposable articles made from cardboard such as kidney dishes and urine flasks. These lightweight and disposable items are perfect for single-use applications, ensuring patient safety and hygiene.

Blood collection sets: Our blood collection sets are designed with the latest technology to facilitate safe and efficient blood collection procedures. These sets enable healthcare professionals to collect blood samples with precision and minimize the risk of contamination, ensuring accurate laboratory testing and diagnosis.

Disinfectants: We offer a range of disinfectants, including Sterillium, to help maintain a clean and sterile environment in healthcare settings. These disinfectants are effective against a wide range of pathogens, helping to prevent the spread of infections and ensuring the well-being of patients and healthcare workers.

Catheters for urology and gastroenterology: Our catheters are designed specifically for urology and gastroenterology applications. These catheters are manufactured with precision and attention to patient comfort, allowing for safe and effective procedures in these medical specialties.

At ProLife, we understand the critical importance of reliable and high-quality medical and laboratory consumables in healthcare. We provide products that enable healthcare professionals to deliver accurate diagnoses and treatments for the well-being of their patients.

Choose ProLife today and experience the innovation and quality of our medical and laboratory consumables. Together, we can elevate patient care and shape the future of healthcare.

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