The journey of self-discovery starts with genetically inherited traits. Getting tested by Toolbox Genomics Genetic Testing Kits lets you see what's in your genes and plan for a proactive future!


The right knowledge can help you make informed choices to optimize your health outcomes and lead a healthier life. Toolbox Genomics Genetic Testing Kits offer a wide range of genetic testing panels that address various aspects of health and well-being, such as immune function, GI health, energy levels, cognitive performance, weight management, hormone balance, and more. These panels are designed to provide personalized recommendations for managing genes and traits optimally—and they're easy to read!

Why Toolbox Genomics Genetic Testing Kits by ProLife?
  • Convenient and professional sample collection from the comfort of your own home.
  • World-class labs with cutting-edge technology and scientific advancements.
  • You can receive your genetic testing reports electronically, to access your results quickly and start utilizing the valuable information.
  • Empowerment and proactive health management: You can make informed decisions about your lifestyle, diet, and preventive measures to optimize your well-being.

Unlock the power of your DNA with our Genetic Panel Testing. Take charge of your health, make informed decisions, and pave the way for a brighter, healthier future. Get started today!


Ordering Process Made Easy

Prolife Research

Browse our selection of panels to find the ideal design that matches your needs and objectives

Prolife Home Test

Get your sample collected at the convenience of your location and time by professional medical team

Prolife Sample Collection

Receive your reports electronically and consult with us to achieve your body's optimal state.

Prolife Motivational

Control your health and life outcomes empowered by your genetic knowledge


Genetic Testing Panels

Rerun any DNA Genetic Panel Test

Rerun any DNA Genetic panel test and get your reports and consultation at discounted prices by providing your unique Kit ID Code.

Panel Packages and Offers

To make our Toolbox Genomics Genetic Testing Kits even more accessible, we offer various panel packages and exclusive offers. These packages combine multiple panels at discounted rates, enabling you to unlock a wealth of genetic information at an affordable price. Check out our website or contact our support team to explore our current offers and find the best package that suits your requirements.

The Explorer

Dive deep into self-exploration with two DNA panel tests and an Epigenetic test. Plus, 8% off on this incredible bundle!

The Planner

Plan your health and life depending on your goals! This powerful bundle of 3 DNA Panels will transform the way you make choices and achieve your aspirations. And the best part? You'll save 11% on this life-altering package!

The Dissector

With this comprehensive package, you'll gain invaluable insights into your health, fitness, ancestry, and more. But, there is more! You'll save an unbelievable 14% when you combine all 5 panels!

Unlock Your Potential with ProLife's Toolbox Genomics Genetic Testing Kits