Laboratory Equipment

Our extensive product range showcases our dedication to elevating healthcare future and improving patient well-being through state-of-the-art laboratory solutions.

Explore our range of advanced laboratory equipment, each designed to meet the diverse needs of various medical specialties.

The product range includes:

Incubators & Incubator Shakers: Advanced, temperature-controlled instruments for precise incubations of microbiological cultures, or for shaking and incubating samples.

Ovens: Precisely calibrated ovens for drying, desiccating, heating, or annealing a wide range of samples and materials.

Water Baths & Shaking Water Baths: Advanced equipment for precise temperature control and shaking speed for samples that require constant temperature exposure or agitation.

Centrifuges: Cutting-edge instruments for accurate and high-speed separation of samples, assisting in diagnostics, and medical research.

Scales and Analytical Scales: Precise measurement devices for weight determination of samples and materials as well as providing accurate analytical measurements.

Water Analyzers (temperature, pH, conductance, turbidity, salt, etc.): Advanced analyzers equipped with advanced features to analyze multiple parameters, including temperature, pH, conductance, turbidity, and salt.

UV VIS Spectrophotometers (Single and Double Beam): State-of-the-art spectrophotometers that measure the absorption of light to determine the concentration and quality of analytes.

ELISA Readers and ELISA Washers: Cutting-edge devices for immunoassays, designed to enhance accuracy and precision in the detection of antigens, biochemicals, and other analytes.

Pipettes: Sophisticated devices employed for accurate measurement and handling of liquids, ideal for numerous applications in the laboratory.

Water Distillers: Essential equipment for producing purified water, ideal for laboratory applications where the purity of water is essential.

Shakers/Mixers (Platform, Vortex, etc.): Cutting-edge devices for optimal mixing and shaking of samples, ideal for preparing samples for analysis.

Luminometers & Fluorometers: Advanced devices for precise measurement of luminescence or fluorescence in samples.

Heating Plates with and without Magnetic Stirrers: Precise heating instruments, equipped with either an electronic speed regulator or a magnetic stirrer for optimal mixing.

Autoclaves: Essential equipment for sterilizing laboratory instruments and other equipment, ensuring sterile conditions for operations and other requirements.

Laminar Flow Cabinets: State-of-the-art laminar flow devices for achieving a sterile environment in critical applications, including microelectronics, medical devices, and laboratory research.

Refrigerators and Freezers: Precision-refrigeration instruments designed to meet various temperature needs for applications such as research, storage, and preservation of high-value medical samples.

Microscopes: High-resolution instruments that enable laboratory researchers to visualize and magnify samples for precise measurement and analysis.

Furniture (Roll cars, cabinets, etc.): Specialized laboratory furniture solutions designed to suit storage, handling, and operational needs, ideal for well-organized and space-saving labs.

At ProLife, we strive to deliver the best-quality and innovative laboratory equipment to meet the diverse needs of laboratory scientists, researchers, and medical practitioners. Invest in cutting-edge laboratory solutions and elevate your research and operations today, with ProLife.

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